How to Get Yourself Out of Crisis


Mara Liz

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How to Get Yourself Out of Crisis

A deeply revealing story highlighting ways in which profound personal transformation can be achieved from the painful lessons learned through adversity. In this courageous and emotional talk, Mara distills the healing journey she was forced to undertake when a traumatic life event was thrust upon her. 

Through her honesty and unflinching openness, Mara takes the listener on a captivating personal journey that stirs emotions and invokes a sense of wonder. From authentic, vulnerable storytelling, audiences leave inspired and deeply moved with universal teachings that they can apply to any crisis or personal trauma they may experience in life. Mara's encouraging final promise is: “You will not just survive. You will thrive.”



Overcoming Adversity, Personal Growth, Empowerment, Courage,
Inspirational, Rise Above, Storytelling, Challenging Times, Transformation, Life Events, Universal Teachings, Women, Relationships.



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Mara’s storytelling leaves you on the edge of your seat while delivering important ideas worth sharing. She had us laughing and crying all at the same time. Her courage and vibrance are felt.
— Radha Agrawal, Co-Founder & CEO Daybreaker & THINKX
Mara is dynamic and has a voice that would appeal to anyone at any age, but especially those at a crossroads in their life. Mara so confidently and eloquently tells her story which portrays a modern-day heroine triumph that speaks to what it means to be an empowered, independent and strong woman. Mara so masterfully balances raw honest emotion with pure boldness to take you on a journey and connect you to her experience so intimately that you, the viewer, realize your own truth whatever that may be.
Mara’s TEDx talk in San Miguel de Allende was truly inspirational. It was raw, honest, well-delivered, and left a lasting impression. Since that day, I have found myself recounting the advice she gave to herself in time of crisis - and telling myself the same: that yes, “I am a Queen”. That message has given me an enormous amount of strength in a matter of weeks since her talk, a reminder that we are all stronger than we realize. Mara’s message should be shared with women everywhere.
Mara’s presence was a tremendous gift for TEDx SanMigueldeAllende. The content of her talk and her three responses to crisis were inspiring and delivered expertly. It was an honor to have her.



“Studies say that most of us will live through five or six traumatic events in our lives; it is for these events that I want to help you prepare for.” 

"The price we pay for not learning from a mistake, is making the same mistake again."

"I discovered that the questions we ask ourselves in moments of crisis have the power to get us out (of the crisis) or not."

"Three questions revealed themselves to me during that process. Three questions that without me knowing it at the time, got me out of that crisis. Three questions that can help you get you out of yours."


Mara does not profess to know all the answers. She is no self- proclaimed guru or spiritual guide. What you’ll find in Mara is a proud and passionate Puerto Rican who’s life priority is to be the best daughter, sister, friend, and partner she can possibly be. Her childhood aspirations of growing up to emulate Cher have evolved somewhat; she now includes Suze Orman and Oprah Winfrey on that list. Mara’s friends often call her the “Fire” due to her affecting and heartfelt views, her authentic outlook and her outspoken nature, always curious and questioning. She is also warmly known as the “Mama” from her tireless group work and deep sense of care for others. Mara works as a Financial Education Expert, is the Founder of the Financial Clarity Academy, and currently lives in New York.